Microsoft SQL Server


Questo pacchetto non è supportato in NethServer Enterprise

Con questo pacchetto puoi installare Microsoft SQL Server su NethServer: configurerà automaticamente il repository Microsoft e la configurazione di default.


To install this package go on Software Center and install Microsoft SQL Server application. Otherwise use this command:

yum install -y nethserver-mssql --enablerepo=nethforge

Default configuration

When installed the module generates a default configuration as follow: * Auto-generated SA password saved in /var/lib/nethserver/secrets/mssql * Create default MSSQL databases (master, model, msdb, tempdb) * Allow access to SQL service from Green network on default port 1433

User can change access network from Cockpit Services page or from Firewall section.

Database example:


Install mssql-server service

The package needs a first configuration. Please access the Cockpit application and select MSSQL edition between these options: Evaluation, Developer, Web, Express, Standard, Enterprise. Alternatively it is possibile also to insert a product key.

Puoi farlo anche dalla riga di comando:

config setprop mssql-server ProductId <version>
signal-event nethserver-mssql-save

Instead, if you want to configure a product key use these commands:

config setprop mssql-server ProductId key
config setprop mssql-server ProductKey <ProductKey>
signal-event nethserver-mssql-save


After save event is launched, Microsoft package download will starts: this phase can be long, depending on Internet connection.

Now your SQL Server is ready to use!

Helpful actions

Directly from Cockpit interface you can: * create a new database under Databases page * view and change SA password under Settings page * see SQL Server status in MSSQL Dashboard page * change SQL Server edition from Settings page


Non modificare la password SA da SQL Server, ma utilizza l'interfaccia Cockpit. In caso contrario NethServer non sarà in grado di caricare le informazioni corrette ed eseguire il backup dei dati.

Backup and restore

Configuration is saved with backup-config event. After you've restored configuration on new server download of MSSQL package will starts in post-config-restore event. Database are automatically saved in backup-data event. They will be restored in post-restore-data.

SQLCMD utility

You can use also classic SQLCMD utility by accessing it with this absolute path: